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In the fall of 2014, my friend Nathalie and I made a commitment to get in better shape and was recommended to Andrea by another trainer who felt she would be the right trainer for us.

From the very beginning, it was clear that Andrea really makes the effort to understand her client’s needs, goals and limitations and then develops a program to work with them. I have multilevel disk disease and have been struggling for years with limited mobility and pain. Andrea always takes the limitations into consideration and adjusts any exercise I have difficulty with to ensure that I am strengthening my back and my core strength. Since Nathalie and I train together, she makes adaptations for me while ensuring that Nathalie continues to work at the level she needs.

The training is challenging and aimed to bring your muscles to the point of failure. She measures our improvements through weight measurement, physical measurements and monthly tests on the machines. Each class we are challenged to give our maximum effort for every set. When it doesn’t seem possible to do another repetition, Andrea always finds a way to get us to do just a couple more.

Remarkably patient, she encourages us when we whine and laughs when we tease her. Every class is filled with laughter and sweat! The gains of strength training have been remarkable. I have lost 20 inches overall and have developed some beautiful muscle definition. Most important to me is the improvement in my back strength and flexibility. I have begun to think of this training as a RX for back injuries. Not only do I feel and look better, but I believe I have gained a cheerleader and mentor in Andrea.


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