You  can view real-time results including active heart rate, zone, calories burned and  average heart rate for the class.

All our classes are taught with Cadence monitor and heart rate zones !

Increase your cardio capacity, burn fat, and tone your lower body with these high energy classes! These classes are perfect for those starting out or looking to improve their spinning skills.

It’s impossible to feel left behind at our spin classes. This fact is true in a literal sense, as the indoor cycles are stationary, but it also reflects the welcoming mindset that prevails…

Every Thursday(6:30 pm) at Visualize we teach Sprint Interval Training which consists in performing a small amount of all-out sprints of short duration (20 to 40 sec) interspersed with long recovery bouts ( typically 2 min). Improve your aerobic endurance, your anaerobic power, and your recovery time in only 3 weeks. It is scientifically proven to be the  most effective training to improve performance in trained and untrained individuals.

Every Tuesday (6:45 pm) and Saturday(9:00 am)  we teach a mixture of hill training, race intervals, power and endurance classes.


Register today and accelerate your results!

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